NH Job Training Fund

New Applications for the Job Training Fund will be accepted in January 2020. All content contained on this website is under revision. In the interim, please direct inquiries to Kate LaPierre at NH Employment Security (Kathryn.A.LaPierre@nhes.nh.gov)

New Applications for the Job Training Fund

will be accepted in Fall 2019

Read The Instructions.

Complete the Application.

Obtain a NH State Vendor Code here.

Obtain a NH Certificate of Good Standing

dated after April 1, 2019.

Attach the necessary vendor training quotes.

Send us one application in a pdf form or by mail.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

The application process takes approximately two months. Do not schedule any training less than two months prior to your submitted application.

The Job Training Fund application is designed to be filled out on your desktop, and all the forms and instructions you need are hereNote: only application forms with revision dates of 9/2/2016 or later in the footer will be accepted.

Note: Applicants are reminded that the Job Training Fund is not intended for consulting work nor does it replace any existing training programs, or training required by state or federal law.

The Job Training Fund does not cover travel, lodging or costs of meals for either trainers or trainees.

Application packages must be complete for consideration. Submit your complete application with all attachments in a single PDF to or mail your application to: Kathryn.A.LaPierre@nhes.nh.gov

NH Employment Security
Attn: Job Training Fund
45 S. Fruit Street
Concord NH 03301
Phone: 603-228-4083

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