The $2 million Job Training Fund is an innovative asset to New Hampshire’s economic development strategy.  At its core, the fund enables businesses throughout the State to stay competitive in an increasingly global marketplace through improving the skills of current workers, as well as individuals who seek better career opportunities in a constantly changing economy.

The Job Training Fund is actually two programs that foster training. The $2 million Job Training Fund upgrades incumbent and new workers’ skills, and was created by the General Court in 2007 in response to employers expressing a pressing need to upgrade worker skills.

WorkReadyNH is a program addressing gaps in workers’ readiness in the areas of math, reading, and problem solving, as well as in “soft skills”, including workplace behaviors, teamwork and ethical behavior. It was created as a result of legislation in 2011.

The Job Training Fund has distributed over 500 grants offering training to more than 25,000 workers since late 2007. The fund is matched by employer contributions and is truly a successful public-private partnership.

WorkReadyNH is being offered to unemployed and underemployed residents of New Hampshire at the seven community college campuses and at the Advanced Technology and Academic Center in Rochester.

Combined, the Job Training Fund and WorkReadyNH offer employers and New Hampshire workers new and innovative ways to learn to compete and thrive.