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Here’s How to Prepare Your Application to the Job Training Fund

The Job Training Fund application process is simple and user-friendly, but you should read and follow the instructions carefully to avoid having your application delayed.

Please contact us and we’ll help you with your application and answer any questions you have about the Fund or the application process. You can also call Kate LaPierra at New Hampshire Employment Security at 603-228-4083.


  • Plan on the application process taking approximately two months to complete. This is important for planning purposes, since no training can be funded unless a contract has been approved by the Office of Attorney General. Grant applications seeking grant funds totaling $70,000 or more have to be approved by Governor and Executive Council.
  • Determine the reasons why you would like to upgrade the skills of your workforce. Decide how you will measure the effectiveness of the training program.
  • Obtain a current Certificate of Good Standing from the Secretary of State. We recommend contacting the Secretary of State early in the planning process as it can take up to three weeks to receive your certificate.

Complete the Application

Collate the application files into the following order:

  • Application Package with additional Proposed Training Forms as needed;
  • Vendor Quotes after each Proposed Training worksheet
  • Community College Waiver (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Add Third Party or Leased Employee forms as needed only.

  • Save the completed forms in one PDF with the filename “MyCompany Application Month Year” (for example, “XYZ Telecom Application August 2016.pdf”).
  • Email the PDF application package to
    or mail or hand deliver a single set to:
    New Hampshire Employment Security
    45 South Fruit Street
    Concord, NH 03301

After Submitting the Application

  • You will be contacted by the Job Training Fund administrator and/or staff to review your application. If the application is not complete, you will be asked to make corrections within three business days.
  • Upon approval by the Commissioner, a contract will be forwarded to the applicant. Refer to “Managing Your Grant” for more guidelines.
  • Our staff is available to assist you. You can submit questions by tapping the Question button in the top right-hand corner of any page, or contact Kate LaPierre at 603-228-4083.