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Application Forms

The application forms for the Job Training Fund are listed and described below. Click each section heading in bold to download the PDF form; you will need to complete the initial Grant Application Package, the Certificate of Good Standing, and attach vendor quotes at the minimum. If you are not using the Community College System of NH for training, you will also need to obtain the CCSNH Waiver. Finally, for each additional training course, download a supplemental Proposed Training worksheet; and if you are offering more than six courses, also download an additional Training Summary page. In the event your employees are leased, or an outside company is preparing your application, there are authorization forms for those circumstances. Refer to Submitting the Application Package at the bottom of this page for submission instructions.

1. GRANT APPLICATION PACKAGE This file contains all the initial documents you need to get started. It is divided into sections which are explained in detail below.

Section A: Grant Application. Tell us about your company, its size and business sector, whether you’ve provided training to your workers in the past, and your training budget for this fiscal year. We ask for your FEIN/Tax ID to check your status with NH Employment Security and the Department of Labor to ensure that the company is up to date with required report filings and has paid into Unemployment Insurance. We don’t do anything further with this information nor with the revenue data; these applications are not made public. The certification on page 2 is very important – please read each statement carefully before checking its box. The signature required on this page should be that of a corporate representative to ensure that your company’s management has oversight of this process.

Section B: Training Summary. List the courses you wish to provide your workers on this sheet in order of priority. Each course listed here will be described in detail in Section C; and the cost breakdown should match that listed in Section C as well. If you are offering more than six courses, download an additional copy of this sheet and read the directions carefully at the top of the additional page.

Section C: Proposed Training. Fill out a Proposed Training worksheet for each course you wish to offer. Describe the training course, identify the training vendor, and explain how your company determined that the training was needed. List the type of credential your workers will earn, and describe the benefits of this training. List the training dates, keeping in mind that you cannot start training until after the grant is approved and an Agreement is fully executed: we recommend scheduling the training start date for one month after the grant review meeting.

The second page of this worksheet breaks down the cost of the course into your Company’s Share and the Grant Request, generally a 50%-50% split. Keep in mind that certain costs (administrative costs, food, travel expenses and employee wages are not funded or eligible for a match), Program development fees can total no more than than 20% of instructor fees. Ensure that the Total Cost of Training in Part 1 and the Itemization Total in Part 2 are the same. Refer to the vendor quote to break out special fees and describe them in the box at bottom.

Attach a written quote from your training vendor after each Proposed Training sheet to substantiate the request. The quote must clearly show training dates, number of workers to be trained, and breakdown of costs as applicable. It should be on the vendor’s letterhead and identify your company as the client. If the course is an online program (and not specific to your company), you may submit a printout of the course description and cost from the online or printed catalogue.

If you will be offering more than one course, download additional copies of this form from the website and follow the instructions at the top of the page. If you are taking multiple courses from the same vendor, provide a Proposed Training worksheet for each, and place the quote in your packet after the last worksheet for that vendor.

Score Sheet: This will be filled out by the Job Training Fund committee at the review meeting. The committee will ask questions related to the five scoring criteria, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with these points so you are prepared to respond.


2. TRAINING SUMMARY (additional page)

Download this page if your training consists of more than six courses. Follow the instructions at the top of the page.


3. PROPOSED TRAINING (additional page)

If your training consists of more than one course, download this file for each additional course offered. Change the counter at the top of the page, and follow the instructions for filling it out. Insert the vendor quote after each Proposed Training page.



This certificate is proof that your company has filed annual reports with the Secretary of State’s office and is in good standing with the State. The certificate should be dated in the current year, generally April 1st or later (based on the filing deadline). This document can take up to three weeks for delivery, so we recommend you request it before you begin your application as it must be included in the package.



As explained on the FAQ page, the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH) is the trainer of first resort. Contact Beth Doiron to determine if your local community college offers the courses you wish to take. If they are unable to provide you this training, Beth Doiron will provide a waiver for those courses and you may seek another training vendor.



In the event you wish to train leased employees (those contracted and paid wages by an employee leasing company), you must fill out this form along with the leasing company. We will check the status of that leasing company in the same way we check your company’s status. Omit this form if it is not applicable.



If a third party is preparing your company’s application, they must complete this form. An example of a third party applicant is a Human Resource contractor, or in some instances, the training vendor.

Submitting the Application Package

Collate your application in the following order:

  • Application Package with additional Training Summary and Proposed Training Forms as needed
  • Vendor Quotes after each Proposed Training worksheet
  • Community College Waiver (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Score Sheet
  • Add Third Party or Leased Employee forms as needed only.

Save your package with the filename “MyCompany Application Month Year” (for example, “XYZ Telecom Application August 2016.pdf”).


  • Submit a Proposed Training Worksheet and vendor quote for each training course.
  • Itemize all “Other” costs for each course; costs not fully described will not be considered for funding.

Email the application and attachments in a single PDF document to:
or mail or hand deliver one copy to:

New Hampshire Employment Security
45 South Fruit Street
Concord, NH 03301