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Managing Your Grant

This page breaks down each phase of the grant process from application and review to the award process and reimbursement instructions. Details and examples are provided, but contact us at any time if you have questions.

1. Application


2. Grant Award and Agreement

Following approval of your application by the Commissioner of the Department of Business and Economic Affairs, we will send you a grant Agreement (contract), as a grant is actually a contract between the Company and the State of New Hampshire. You will receive the following instructions with your Agreement, and samples are provided for each word in bold below:

  • The signer must initial each page and sign where indicated on the Agreement. The signature page must be notarized.
  • Complete the Certificate of Vote (also called Corporate Resolution). Search the samples for the most appropriate format to your company’s structure, or use the checklist to write your own. Please call us if you have any questions about this document, but here are some guidelines:
    • The Certificate of Vote (also referred to as Corporate Resolution) is the proof from your company that the person who signed the Agreement has been given the authority to do so. Therefore, the party who signed the Agreement cannot be the same person who signs the Certificate of Vote, but rather is the party who is “VOTED… duly authorized” usually by a member of the Board or by another corporate officer. For example, John Doe as President of the company can sign the Agreement; but Jane Davis as Chairman of the Board  must grant John authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the company on the Corporate Resolution.
    • This document must be dated effective the same date as the agreement.
    • If the company is a sole proprietorship, the owner may sign both the Agreement and the Sole Proprietor certificate.
  • Request a current Certificate of Insurance from your insurance provider for both general liability and workers compensation coverage, naming the State of New Hampshire/BEA-OWO as certificate holder.
  • Send the above three documents to us by email (scanned in PDF format), fax, or postal mail. Once we receive your signed and notarized Agreement, Certificate of Vote, and Certificate of Insurance, we will submit the package for signatures from the Commissioner of BEA and the Attorney General’s office. Upon the Agreement’s full execution, we will send you a copy and instructions for reimbursement. Please remember that training cannot begin until a fully-signed agreement is in place – this can take up to two weeks from our receipt of your Agreement package.
  • Finally, if you don’t already have a state vendor number, you must register and obtain one through the Bureau of Purchasing. The vendor number is necessary for the State of NH to recognize your company as a payee so you can be reimbursed. You will receive your vendor number within a few business days, and we ask you to kindly forward it to us so that we may complete your company profile. Some notes:
    • You may set up the vendor number after submitting your Agreement.
    • If your company already has a vendor number and has recently moved, log on as a returning vendor to update your existing information.
    • Your vendor account contains the mailing address where your reimbursement checks will be sent, so please carefully check that the correct address is on file when creating or updating your account. We are unable to access that system and make any changes for you.

Any changes in this Agreement, including training and/or dates must be requested in writing and approved by the State. This grant and all activities described in the contract may be audited at any time. Please review the contract if you have any questions about terms and conditions.


3. Training

When your Agreement has been fully executed (your company officers, BEA’s Commissioner, and our Attorney General have signed), we will send you a copy of the Agreement, as well as reimbursement instructions (see item 5 below). At that time, your training can begin. Per the terms of the Agreement, you will have 15 months to complete the training program. No changes can be made to your training courses.


4. Reimbursement Process

The Job Training Fund is a 1:1 cash reimbursement program. Upon completion of each training program, you will be invoiced by your training provider. Pay your trainer, then submit your reimbursement request along with copies of canceled checks or credit card statements to our office. You may submit after each course is completed and paid for (our preferred method), or all at once at the end of all the trainings. There is a new initiative to allow you to receive your reimbursement through electronic payments from the NH State Treasury; enroll directly at


5. Final Evaluation

When your training programs are finished, but before submitting your final reimbursement request, go to the link provided on the reimbursement form and complete the simple final evaluation survey. There is a code given at the end of the survey which must be recorded on the reimbursement form. This final evaluation is a required component of the grant Agreement, and is a way for the Job Training Fund to monitor the effectiveness of the training our grantees receive.

When your company’s training is complete; the final evaluation is filled out; and the last reimbursement request is submitted and disbursed, your grant will be closed. At that time, lather, rinse, repeat – you can apply for a new grant!